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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 docking station on sale for $199 (£165)

by Mark Tyson on 19 August 2014, 09:15

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Microsoft began selling its Surface 3 docking stations in the US and Canada just before the weekend. In these territories you can get this ultimate desktop accessory for your Surface Pro 3 right now both online and in stores (including Best Buy and Staples). It costs US$199. However in the UK, as the tablets themselves are only pre-orderable, for now, the dock is similarly merely reservable for £164.99 inc VAT.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 dock adds a lot of capability and convenience to your tablet and that's mostly down to the ports and connections, of course. So what does it offer? In pure spec terms you will see that the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station provides users with an Ethernet port, Mini DisplayPort, and five USB ports (three USB 3.0, two USB 2.0) and a 3.5mm audio jack. The dock also positions your tablet at a decent desk readable angle and provides power/charging.

Microsoft explains that the array of I/O on offer with the Surface Pro 3 docking station allows users to make quick and convenient use of "an HD monitor, wired network connection, audio system, full-size keyboard, mouse, printer and more". Actually the mini DisplayPort can drive high definition displays up to and including a native resolution of 3740 x 2600 pixels. Read on for even more display options…

Multiple displays

Suneel Goud, writing on the Surface Blog, describes his own personal use of the dock "I personally use it at work to connect to my 4K external monitor, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, printer, external hard-drive, and multimedia speakers. And I still have open ports for additional accessories." Goud provides a table which lists the display capabilities of the Surface/Dock combo with four different ways of connecting multiple monitors to your setup. Finally he reminds us that the dock charges the Surface Pro 3 as it is cradled in position so it's ready to pick up and go.

The UK is one of 26 additional markets where the Surface Pro 3 and accessories such as this docking station will become available before the end of this month.

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That seem pretty expensive for what amounts to a lump of plastic, a few ports and a charger, compared to something like the Asus USB30-HZ1 for £105, or the Belkin for £130.
You would think Microsoft would give people reasons to buy their products so as to gain market share, not dissuade them with high prices.
Yes but this is also a charging dock, and im going to take a bit of a guess and say that the connections are native rather than all over USB3. Essentially this turns the Surface into a pretty capable desktop workstation. Still expensive, but so are most other docks that provide this kind of connectivity for business laptops.
My hope is that business will take this up like Dell's E series docking stations. That is, there will be hundreds in surplus and subsequently on sale on ebay for £15.
While I agree that it is expensive, honestly, isn't this a corporate grab?

Most companies are tied into the microsoft ecosystem (mine included) so if they have gone ahead and given some people Surface 3's than really the additional cost of this dock won't be a game changer.

My work give us some HP pro chunky laptops that go for about £500 - £600 (about 90 employees). If a senior manager or a partner ( or someone with a valid case ) would prefer an entry level Surface why not? Then what is an additional £165? It would just be absorbed into the IT budget and be forgot about.

However, this is crazy if it's for personal use!
If it's a native dock rather than a USB 3 split out conversion, I would happily pay the price for this if I was intending to use the Surface as my main system.