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Orange and T-Mobile big 3G switch on next week

by Steven Williamson on 10 October 2011, 11:18

Tags: Orange (NYSE:FTE), T-Mobile (NYSE:DT)

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Data roaming with Orange and T-Mobile is set to become a little smoother and more efficient next week as the two companies finally merge their networks into one.

Having joined forces in October 2010, Orange and T-Mobile set up the “Everything Everywhere” plan offering their customers the option of switching from one network to the other while roaming via 2G.

The final stage in the merger should ensure a better service and eradicate complaints of drop-outs from 2G connections while travelling, thanks to a seamless service that will now switch cells as if using a single network. This will also be accompanied by the “big 3G switch-on” that will be rolled out to 27 million customers.

“From next week, the next phase in this programme, the big 3G switch-on, will start to roll out to all 27 million Orange and T-Mobile mobile customers, making it possible for customers to use the 3G signals from both networks, not just their host network,” reads the posting on the Everything Everywhere website. “This will benefit customers by offering faster internet and data access, in more places across the UK than before.” The finer details of the roll-out are yet to be confirmed.

The 3G switch-on will roll-out region by region to all Orange and T-Mobile customers over the next few months, and users are reassured that data charges will remain the same across the networks.

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Excellent news, and makes me glad I got the Galaxy S2 for my wife on T-mobile and myself on Orange (and at 15 a month, makes me rather gloatful over all these 2 year @ 30-40 quid iPhone muppets :D)
Good news! :D
Wonder how long it will be till Orange get rid of T-mobile.
So, do I have this right in my head:

Will both brands will now be running on one network, like how GifGaf runs on O2? Everything Everywhere is the actual network, Oragne and T-Mobile are just virtual networks on top of that. So there isn't really any roaming, it's just one massive network, with the cells that would have been overlapping just allowing for more capacity etc.