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Opera and GetJar get back together

by Janani Krishnaswamy on 1 April 2011, 16:27

Tags: Opera (OPERA.OL)

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An ‘app opera’ ends

The app store battle between GetJar and Opera has finally come to a close. GetJar has restored the popular Opera Mini browser to its catalog; however it no longer provides a direct link to Opera's app store.

Three weeks ago, GetJar removed Opera from its store when Opera launched its own competing web app store. The Opera store, powered by Appia is what prompted GetJar to remove it from the store earlier. At that time, GetJar noted that it robbed the company "of traffic and therefore of the advertising necessary to keep it going."

According to a latest GetJar blog, Opera Mini 6, the latest version of the mobile browser will now be available in the GetJar store. It also noted that Android, BlackBerry, J2ME and Symbian device users may now download the new Opera Mini 6 upgrade.

"I'm glad that Opera Mini is back in the GetJar store," said Mahi de Silva, EVP of consumer mobile at Opera Software. "We believe Opera should be everywhere and we love the fact that our fans will now be able to download Opera Mini again from GetJar."

Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar added that "Opera Mini has been a great partner and one of our top apps for many years and our users will be happy to have a bigger and better version of Opera Mini back in our store."

According to AllThingsDigital, an Opera representative said there was no financial agreement as part of Opera's return, and confirmed the dropped app store link.

In an email response to FierceMobileContent, GetJar said "For them it was important that they distribute this product to their users, and for us it is important to not close the door on any distribution channel like GetJar, which is popular among users."

Meanwhile, Appia has secured a $10 million investment from Venrock, which the company will use to speed up product development of its open app marketplace and launch app stores for partners around the world.


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