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Everything Everywhere plans 4G rollout for late 2012

by Steven Williamson on 24 February 2012, 09:28

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Mobile network operator Everything Everywhere has highlighted its plans toward the rollout of 4G data services, confirming there will be a “small-scale” LTE launch later this year.

First up, the company will rollout a nationwide HSPA+ (3.5G) network, which is said to provide 50 percent faster data speeds for T-Mobile and Orange mobile broadband customers.

The nationwide roll out of 3G upgrade technology, HSPA+ 21, or 3.5G has already reached 60 percent of the network and will be completed in Q3 2012. Along with the 50 percent increase in data download speeds, the company claims it will be up to 100 percent faster for upload of pictures, music and video for customers with compatible devices, allowing them to take traditionally fixed-line activities, such as HD video streaming, on the move.

In addition to 3.5G HSPA+ 21, trials of HSPA+ 42 are due to begin in Q2 with a goal to rollout the technology to customers in Q4 2012.

Everything Everywhere’s vision is to launch 4G for Britain as soon as possible, and the roll out of 3.5G HSPA+ and our 4G trials across Britain are major steps towards delivering on that promise," said Olaf Swantee, CEO at Everything Everywhere.

The integration of the Orange and T-Mobile networks has already given our customers the widest 3G coverage in the UK – and I am pleased to say that with our advanced HSPA+ roll out they will also benefit from the fastest.

I am also very proud to announce that, subject to regulatory approval by the spring, Everything Everywhere will be in a position to begin the roll out of 4G before the end of the year. There is a great opportunity for the UK to have the 21st Century network that it so deserves, putting the nation on a level playing field with other parts of Europe, the USA and Asia.

The first part of “the big switch-on”, launched in 2010, saw Orange and T-Mobile customers share 2G signal to make calls and send texts in more places. In October 2011, 3G sharing was introduced to nine million Orange and T-Mobile customers, resulting in 190 million calls and over 300 million MB of data being used on the non-host network.

From mid-March with completion in mid-May, the final phase of this program will commence. Known as “Smart Signal Share.” This will see a customer’s smartphone or dongle always give priority to the best 3G signal from either network and allow transfer between the two, meaning customers get access to a 3G signal more of the time.

A recent trial in Cornwall has demonstrated that 800 MHz is optimal for the roll out of 4G LTE in rural areas. In addition, the UK’s first 4G LTE trials over 1800MHz are due to take place in Bristol from April.

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Have any 4G phones been released in the UK yet?
I think a lot of phones that are on release, have 4g capabilities where on sale in countries that have 4g. The Sensation, for instance, is known as the Sensation 4G in the US
There are no 4G phones in UK as they would be pointless. In fact, it would be silly to get them early next year if some coverage is available as it'll bound to patchy and irregular. Give it a few years…
Oh piss off orange and t-mobile… the signal is TERRIBLE on 3g so why not fix the crappy network instead of go onto another crappy one… I dont care about these headline speeds i actually care to get a signal that is 1Mb/s or something that just holds for long enough to finish any task. I found that i lost only 1% every 2 and a half hours when i was in a strong signal area (compared to my over 1% per hour) so id rather have a reliable signal everywhere so my Smartphone can last a long time! I cant even get 3g in most of my house, its constantly losing signal and it was the same with my HD2 its so infuriating.

Cant wait to move to O2 as they seem better… lets hope they dont lie on their maps like tmobile/orange do… my area is meant to be top coverage :P.

I can tell we will still have incredibly patchy coverage but the main thing is guys the people who get the good signals will be able to get decent speeds, woo!.
Replace Orange/T-Mobile with O2 and Vodafone and I'll agree with you from my experiences where I live :P

No operator has a universal network that will work everywhere, you just have to choose the best network for where you live and work. For me it's EE every time.

I just hope that when they do this, Orange and T-Mobile become MVNO's on the EverythingEverywhere 4G Network. This will really help signal availability.