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Escort Live delivers cloud-based alerts for speedy motorists

by Steven Williamson on 9 January 2012, 17:57

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Escort Live may sound like the type of app you should avoid unless you’re on the lookout for a saucy date, but it’s actually a new social network aimed at motorists who want to avoid speed traps.

The firm behind the application has launched the service in the US and at the Consumer Electronics Show this week has confirmed that it is looking to provide the service for UK and European motorists.

Utilising crowd-sourcing, the service warns its users of cameras and speed traps. Alerts are transmitted to the cloud and then shared with other subscribers of the service.

"Now before you even leave your driveway you can know the best route to take," said PR director Ron Gividen.

"We have some heat coloured imaps and icons so within an instant you know: red - the speed recording equipment was detected within the last 30 minutes; orange - it's been within an hour; yellow - an hour and a half; then after an hour and a half it disappears off the map."

There’s an Android and iPhone version on offer and currently US residents can pick up a power cord for plugging into the cigarette lighter of a car, the app, and a year’s subscription for $79.95.

The system has just been launched in the US and the firm says it is exploring expansion into the Western European market.

More information can be found on the official website.

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So people have to (presumably) load up the app and press *speed camera here* - presumably with GPS enabled - all while driving along? Granted, you might have the app already open, but that plus only having speed cameras for the last hour and a half surely means it's going to fail due to lack of users?
Good idea in principle perhaps, but I'm not convinced that it'll be of any worth..
So only slightly better than the speed camera database on most sat nav apps then ?
Here's a radical and much cheaper approach… don't break the speed limit!!

What is the world coming to!

By now all cars should wirelessly connect to a GPS system the prevents the car exceeding that roads limit.
^ That's a joke right? :P

I can sorta see what they are getting at / trying to bring to mobile users - I use google maps navigation alot, but it lacks the speed camera data base (as far as I know)…
So this is a less functional, paid version of the free navigation app ‘Waze’.