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Gametel Bluetooth gaming pad for iOS and Android

by Steven Williamson on 9 January 2012, 14:32

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At the Consumer Electronics show this week, smartphone and tablet accessory manufacturer, Gametel, has confirmed that its Bluetooth game controller, which has been available for Android devices since mid-December in the UK, can now be used with iOs devices, including iPhone 4S, iPad and iPod Touch.

Aimed at enhancing the the gaming experience and doing away with touchscreen controls, the Gametel clips onto Android and iOS devices with a spring-loaded clamp and features a d-pad, start and select buttons and four action keys.

One thing to be wary off though, before you shoot off and buy a Gametel controller, is that not all games on Android and iOs are compatible with a gamepad. If you're hoping to play a particular title it's probably worth checking first.

The peripheral is available from immediate effect priced £49.99 from Amazon.

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HEXUS Forums :: 9 Comments

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Wow - £50 - on top of the £300-500 smartphone price… play some £2 games?
Big improvement over onscreen controls in many cases though. And why does game price come into it? Surely the alternative is spending e.g. £30 on PSP or similar games, which just makes it look like a bargain.
Couldn't you just use a usb joypad with a android tablet? After all USB keyboards and mice seem to work fine. Would be a lot cheaper too - All you'd need then is a decent clamp!
This is supposed to be quite a sturdy little peripheral. I have an Xperia PLAY and I think the joypad makes gaming better. However, I agree, £50 is quite expensive.
Wow - £50 - on top of the £300-500 smartphone price… play some £2 games?

Dont forget you can play a vast number of online games on an android device. Meaning you could use this game pad to play reasonable games on your handheld.

But yes £50 is too much for most of us to think of