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Logitech's upgraded Slim Combo and Slim Folio

Tags: Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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Today Logitech has announced the upgraded Logitech Slim Combo and Slim Folio, compatible with 5th and 6th generation iPads. Both products feature a home for the Apple pencil, perfect for illustrators and designers as well as a reliable Bluetooth connection that you only have to connect to once. 

Key features of the new Slim Combo include: 

  • Four versatile modes (type, view, studio for sketching and read) for unlimited possibilities
  • Laptop-like typing with full-size backlit concave keys and iOS shortcuts for comfortable, efficient typing
  • Adjustable kickstand which provides 40 degrees of versatile viewing angles
  • Rechargeable battery to enjoy up to three months of battery life (based on two hours of daily use)

Key features of the new Slim Folio include: 

  • Slim and light protection, providing everyday protection in a streamlined design that doesn’t add extra bulk
  • Flexible stand with magnetic lock, allowing you to type and browse on any surface
  • Laptop-like layout with iOS shortcuts
  • Four-year battery life (based on two hours of daily use)

The Slim Folio will be available in stores on August 9th for an RRP of £89.99, and the Slim Combo will be available on September 8th for an RRP of £99.99.