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Forum Nokia Introduces Series 40 Platform 5th Edition For Mobile Application Developers

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Press Release

New API support and advanced Java(TM) technologies let developers quickly provide latest applications and services to mass-market mobile consumers and business users
JavaOne, San Francisco, CA, US - Nokia today announced the new edition of its Series 40 platform for mobile application development, opening up new opportunities for developers and operators to target the broader consumer marketplace with the latest in mobile services and applications.
The new Series 40 5th Edition is a full hardware, software and Application Programming Interface architecture, incorporating Java(TM) Platform Micro Edition (Java ME) technology with support for the latest version of the mobile information device profile (MIDP 2.1), and providing an enhanced UI that enables developers to build richer multimedia applications and services for mass market Nokia mobile devices.
The latest evolution of the highest-volume mobile-development platform available, Series 40 5th Edition implements the advanced JSR-248 Mobile Service Architecture specification, completed in 2006 and designed by an industry task force led by Nokia and Vodafone to reduce fragmentation and provide a consistent set of Java technologies for high-volume mobile handsets. JSR-248 is also a key component of the S60 platform and Nokia's commitment to JSR-248 implementation in both platforms ensures a high level of application portability between Series 40 and S60 devices.
"Nokia is very pleased to underscore its commitment to Java technologies with the delivery of these advanced enhancements to Series 40 5th Edition, enabling developers and operators to provide a new generation of advanced applications and services to the mass-market of mobile phone users," said  Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia, Nokia's global developer support program. "This new platform for high-volume Nokia devices will leverage the latest Java-based functionality to provide a richer and more productive mobile experience to consumers and business users around the globe."
Developers can deliver a richer 3D sound experience for games and multimedia applications using Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234). Other Java Specification Request (JSR) implementations supporting a range of Java APIs in the new Series 40 platform include:
- Java APIs for Bluetooth v1.1 maintenance release (JSR 82), with the addition of support for the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol;
- A Mobile Media API (JSR 135), provides simple, easy access and control of basic audio and multimedia resources;
- J2ME(TM) Web Services Specification (JSR-172), implementing the Remote Procedural Call (RPC) package that gives public and private access to Web services via Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP);
- Security and Trust Services API for J2ME (JSR 177), including the SATSA-CRYPTO optional package to enable cryptographic feature offerings; and,
- Java MIDP update from 2.0 to 2.1, with the addition of support for media hard-keys when Canvas (screen area in which an application can draw, or can trap user input) is displayed.
Nokia's new Series 40 5th Edition enables users of mass-market mobile devices to experience streaming video, image rendering, mobile 3D graphics and scalable 2D Vector graphics. Series 40 5th Edition also supports the latest version of Adobe's Flash Lite 2.1, the interoperable platform that enables the accelerated development and delivery of rich graphical mobile content, and includes audio file playback and streaming capabilities that provide audio and music enhancements to both the mobile gaming and multimedia experience.
In addition, Series 40 5th Edition also enables Bluetooth and IrDA (Infrared) connectivity and synchronization capabilities and delivers a robust mobile browsing environment through support of a number of mobile browsing standards. The platform's broad support for SMS text messaging and multi-media messaging (MMS) includes true interoperability for a variety of MMS content formats and classes.
The Series 40 5th Edition forms an important element of Nokia's platform strategy for supporting mobile application development across all consumer segments and in all markets. By offering technology platforms that remain consistent across multiple handsets, Nokia's developer platform approach maximizes developers' volume opportunities and minimizes the need to port applications and services to individual handsets. Developers can build core functionality on top of the platform technologies and then optimize their applications for user interfaces and technology extensions on specific target devices.
New developer tools, including Series 40 5th Edition SDKs with device emulator, Java class libraries, APIs (including the Nokia UI API) and documentation, will be made available in June 2007 at www.forum.nokia.com/tools  by Nokia's global developer support program, Forum Nokia. For more information on Java technologies for the Series 40 5th Edition, visit www.forum.nokia.com/series40.