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Softwrap Strikes Deal with eBook

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Softwrap(tm), the leading British-based provider of virtual 'shrink-wrap' solutions for the games and software industry, today announced they are providing eBook.com, an e-publishing portal, with the Softwrap wrapper eBookWrap, which will allow authors to securely distribute and sell their books online.

Softwrap's e-commerce and encryption technology will power the eBookWrap, which will be available for download from http://eBook.com. This wrapper will allow an author to securely and safely wrap his/her eBook and distribute it via Softwrap's extensive distribution network of CD covermounts and download sites. Readers will also benefit because they will be able to try a book before they buy it. The wrapper will work with any eBook format delivered as an executable file.

Adam Schmidt, CEO, eBook.com commented, "We are so pleased to be working with Softwrap. The wrapper technology will add great value to our users who wish to securely distribute their eBooks and utilise Softwrap's extensive distribution network. As an added benefit, eBooks produced using eBookWrap can be offered for resale on eBook.com and on the author's own web site, however if the author chooses not to sell it on eBook.com he can sell it on any site he likes without the need for a shopping cart."

Craig Sims, Vice President of Business Development, Softwrap, said, "eBook.com is a great example of another market where Softwrap is providing the technology to simplify a process and add value for users. By wrapping their books, authors will benefit from secure, one-step distribution - Softwrap's wrapper technology will show them how simple it is to distribute their books!"

eBook.com is a portal for eBook authors with information about digital rights management issues and eBooks. It provides authors with a piece of software, Desktop Author, which allows them to create an eBook and sell it online via eBook.com. The author can also produce a sampler by using the Free Version of DeskTop Author (limited to 6 pages) and have it listed on the a new section called Preview eBooks. Other preview formats will be available in the future as eBook.com negotiates further deals.