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Review: Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting - Xbox 360 live arcade

by Steven Williamson on 14 June 2006, 15:34

Tags: Street Fighter, Twentieth Century Fox, Beat 'em up

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Sonic Boom!

The options menu allows you to adjust the settings with difficulty settings ranging from 1 to 7 stars. There's also options to turn off controller vibration and time limit. You can also choose an avatar, which is used in online matches - more about that later.

Using the Xbox 360 controller to play such a classic is a joy. The pad rumbles when you take or administer a punch and each of the buttons, including the triggers need to be used to pull off those fancy moves. The controls are responsive and the action is as frantic as ever.

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Luckily, I've had a chance to play Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighter online. After a few hard fought matches with the HEXUS.gaming editor, who enjoyed beating me to a pulp with the incredibly long armed freak, Dhalsim, it was clear that the option of online play will bring the game to a new level.

Any fan who loves Street Fighter will spend most of their time in this mode- it's quite simply a superb experience, and one that fans will absolutely love. You'll no longer need to brag to friends about how great you were at Street Fighter, now you can prove it.

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You're initially presented with the option of either viewing your stats, entering a ranked match, or jumping into a non-ranked player match. You can dive straight into a game, search for a custom game, or create your own match and wait for a challenger. Creating a custom match allows you to pre-set how many rounds you wish to play. If you've chosen a unranked game your stats won't be updated at the end of the match, you will have the option however to replay the match and discuss the fight in the lobby system.

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There is also a quarter match mode where up to 5 players take each other on in a non-ranked series of matches. Initially you'll enter a lobby and wait for the host to start the game. The first two players are matched up and fight to the death whilst the remaining players spectate. Once a player has lost the next player enters the fight in an attempt to beat the winner. Unfortunately there weren't enough players online to test out this mode, but it's an extremely exciting prospect. The avatar mentioned earlier is displayed next to your name in the lobby.

If the arcade mode and online play isn't enough to keep you playing Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting, then how about the unlockable achievements? There are twelve in total such as completing the single player arcade mode at the highest difficulty, to achieveing 10 online victories in ranked matches.

Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighter will be an instant hit on the Xbox live arcade. It's the original game only with superb online play and the Xbox 360 controller adds a new dimension to the gameplay.

Smooth control system
Addictive gameplay
Online play
Unlockable achievments

Fans new to the game may be underwhelmed by the graphical style

Extremely addictive gameplay and great fun online, Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting is a true bargain

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Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting

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When's it out?
Still no date for it yet, but it must be getting close as they've made the full game available to reviewers.
Really looking forward to this one!

I few new Street Fighter related items were released on the Live Marketplace today, including some Street Fighter Gamer Pictures.
All signs are pointing to a release date in the very near future.
Superb review, class game. Should be great online.
Superb review, class game. Should be great online.

Indeedy - this should be fun and bring back many memories of my youthful days :)