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Review: Street Fighter II : Hyper Fighting - Xbox 360 live arcade

by Steven Williamson on 14 June 2006, 15:34

Tags: Street Fighter, Twentieth Century Fox, Beat 'em up

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Steet Fighter II : Hyper Fighting

Fans of the Street Fighter II series have been desperate to get their hands on the arcade classic on Xbox live arcade and fortunately they won't have long to wait. HEXUS.gaming have played the full version and we can tell you that it doesn't dissapoint. It's difficult to know where to start a review on a game that is virtually unchanged from the original. The beauty of this version however is that you can take your fighting skills into the online arena.

Capcom's 2D fighter boasts all of the original fighters all of whom are associated with different countries around the world, although some countries had more than one representative, including Japan and the U.S. All of the old favourites, including Ryu, Blanka and Guile are playable, and the four boss characters, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M.Bison still provide the stiffest competition.

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The initial menu screen includes the basic options, Arcade mode and Xbox live mode. The arcade mode gives you the option of either training against an A.I opponent, playing against a human punch bag in Versus mode, or jumping straight into the action in the superb arcade mode. You can also view your ranking, Xbox live achievements list and browse through the help options. The help screens are well laid out and, as well as giving you tips, also show how to execute each of the character's moves. You'll also be glad to hear that the controls can be amended to suit your style of play.

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Each of the 12 characters has three punches and three kicks that range from light to heavy, at least one throw and hold move, and a number of special attacks such as the rising dragon punch, or the sumo head butt.

The game is totally unchanged from the original, the music and the style of the game will bring those memories flooding back.

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