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Review: Commodore 64 DTV

by David Ross on 13 January 2005, 00:00

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Commodore 64 DTV (Direct to TV)

Opening up the box, we get a better look at the joystick - A throwback to simpler times when all you needed was a micro switched stick with a couple of buttons.

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Round the back of the joystick, we find the On/Off switch for the C64 (It's battery powered, as we'll see in a second) and four additional buttons, which can be used to quit games and the likes. Also on hand is a reset button, which (obviously) resets and restarts the device. When the device is switched on, you'll see the red LED on the C64 light up to indicate this.

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As mentioned earlier, video is provided to a TV via a composite output, and sound via a mono jack. You can see the connectors in question below - Yellow for video, white for audio.

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The device requires four AA batteries to function, which aren't included with the device. To me, the concept of 'Batteries not included' is almost as old as the device it mimics, but nonetheless make sure you have some on-hand. The batteries are accessible by unscrewing and removing the panel on the underside of the joystick.

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