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Review: WolfKing Warrior

by Nick Haywood on 10 July 2007, 11:12

Tags: Wolfking

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At last, a decent add-on for the gamer?

For a long, long time the only decent way to play any respectable FPS game was with a keyboard and mouse and, since the days of Wolfenstein, manufacturers have been trying to produce a decent accessory to give gamers an edge over the opposition. Truth be told, the keyboard really is the ideal for movement as it doesn’t need to be analogue anyway… you’re either going to go or not go… so why complicate matters with extra frippery?

So extras like the Z-Board, whilst all well and good, are really just reinventing the wheel and even quality keyboards such as the SteelKeys or Raptor K1 are still just refinements of the keyboard set-up… Of course, some guys realised that what was really needed was a customized keypad that made everything easier to reach, especially as games were becoming more complex and needed more controls… but again, they made the mistake of over-engineering the whole thing making it unusable or just too complex.

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Which is where the WolfKing Warrior comes in. At first look it’s just a replication of the most used FPS keys… sure, it has a few extras but beyond that there’s little else to get in the way… and what refinements have been made appear to be quite sensible… So let’s have a look at what it can do.