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Review: ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse

by Steven Williamson on 5 July 2010, 11:59 4.0

Tags: ROCCAT Pyra Wireless Mouse, Roccat, PC

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Pyra packs a punch

The ROCCAT Pyra is the first wireless mouse from the German manufacturer that is aimed specifically at the mobile gaming market, for users seeking a portable and more compact solution for gaming on the move. This is an area where there is currently little competition, so it's relatively high price tag of €59.99 reflects this niche market.

In addition to reviewing the wireless ROCCAT Pyra, we'll also be covering the wired version of the gaming mouse, which retails at €39.99.

I've always been impressed with ROCCAT's packaging for its gaming mice. The box features the sleek blue, black and white styling that is synonymous with the ROCCAT brand and through its plastic casing you get a clear, unobstructed view of the Pyra. It also details very well all of the Pyra's unique selling points, such as its compact size and EASYSHIFT [+] button duplicator. Equally as important when you're choosing a mouse is that the technical specifications are clearly displayed on the side of the box, alongside features and system requirements. The Pyra packs in everything you need to know on the casing without it looking too busy and also manages to fit in shots of the mouse from a number of different angles. More importantly though, it's designed very well and unlike the rigid clam-shell packaging of some mice it's really easy to take the mouse out without damaging any of the packaging whatsoever.

Both the wired and wireless versions of the Pyra come packed with the same contents, though the wireless version has a slightly bigger box that also stores the Wireless USB Receiver and 1.5 m USB Charging Cable.The contents include: the Roccat Pyra Mouse, 1.5m USB Charging Cable, 2 x Rechargeable batteries, Quick Install guide, a ROCCAT card that sports a serial number gaining you access to "ROCCAT world," and a small transport bag, black in colour, sporting the blue ROCCAT logo tag. The bag has draw strings allowing you to tighten it up like a small pouch and fit the mouse snugly in so that you can transport it - a very nice touch. Finally, in the small cardboard pouch, there's the CD containing the drivers which also contains the Pyra's manual in pdf format

• 1000Hz lag-free polling
• Easyshift[+] Button Duplicator
• Motion Blue Optic Sensor
• Charging Via USB Cable
• Rest and Deep Sleep Modes
• Designed specifically for notebook gaming
• ROCCAT Griptech non-slip side grips
• Macro Manager

• 5 mouse buttons + mousewheel
• EasyShift[+]: up to 12 functions at any one time
• 1600dpi optical gaming sensor
• 130ips maximum speed
• 1000Hz polling rate
• 30Gs of acceleration

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