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Review: Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse

by Steven Williamson on 1 March 2010, 09:28

Tags: Roccat, PC

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A thorough examination of the ROCCAT Kone

Guest reviewer - matty-hodgson

“Stuffed with technology and design innovations, our first gaming mouse ROCCAT Kone is the only tool to unleash your hidden skills and develop your existing ones to the max.”

• True 3200dpi laser sensor
• TCU – Tracking Control Unit
• 1ms response time; 1000Hz polling rate
• 16-bit data channel; 7080fps; 6.4 megapixel, 20g acceleration
• 72MHz TurboCore processor unit
• 128kB memory, update-/flashable
• 1.65m/s(65 inch per second)
• Extended USB cable, cable diameter: 3mm

Package Contents:
• Roccat Kone mouse
• Weights system and case to store them in
• A mission book with Roccat ID Card
• Driver CD
• Quick Install Guide

• 3200 DPI Pro-Aim Gaming Sensor
• TCU (Tracking Control Unit)
• Integrated Turbocore (72MHz)
• Customizable lights system
• Onboard 128KB memory
• 4 Weights (5, 10, 15 and 20g)
• 8 programmable mouse buttons + left and right click
• Ultra quiet teflon feet

The Review:
Firstly, we’ll start with the packaging and contents. The packaging of this mouse is actually very nice, based upon an all blue and black design with silver and white font. The box has a clear window on the front to show the mouse in all its glory. The box displays all the information you will need to know about the mouse and it’s all organised very nicely.

The box also has an opening window on the front, this reveals testimonies from pro gamers and allows you to see the mouse much more easily.

Around the back of the box there is a lot of information on the features of the mouse and basic explanations of what each feature actually does. There’s also a lot of “award stickers” stating which awards the mouse has won, this list is quite extensive though which can only be good.

Once you’ve opened up the box and start taking your new mouse out, you’ll soon realise it’s very well packaged with a few nice little extras. The Box contains a Quick Install Guide; this guide does exactly what it says on the tin. There’s also a Mission Book included; this book seems to just want to make the mouse seem like some kind of mystical object, but I’d just like to remind everyone, it’s just a mouse. Also included it a very handy Weights System inside of a storage case.

They also keep the driver CD in here, and no, those weights aren't just huge, that's a mini-disc. And the best included feature of all definitely has to be the Roccat ID Card. They all have a personalised number on, and yeah, check out those last 4 digits. Oh yeah!

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