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Popstar Guitar - Wii

by Steven Williamson on 27 October 2008, 15:43

Tags: Popstar Guitar, Midway Games, Wii, Simulation

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hailed as a family-friendly game
Shivers down my spine.
All hail GH World Tour.
haha, what a lame effort at copying guitar hero. I'd be very surprised if it sells in any numbers worth making a song and dance about.
Blimey. That screenshot on the second page shows how much it's been toned down from the like of GH and rockband. If this was an action game it'd be pong, with that much detail. It looks like the first The Sims in the background, with a decorated animated ladder in front of it.

Only thing going for it is the tracklist, but with some artists appearing more than once it's still limiting who will like it. Example, if someone doesn't want to flail along to Fall Out Boy, they'll be sorely disappointed to find at least 2 tracks by them already.