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Guitar Hero III to debut at EIF this August!

by Nick Haywood on 2 August 2007, 20:39

Tags: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

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New RedOctane rocker on show in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Interactive Festival, (EIF), will be the stage for the European debut of Guitar Hero III, it has been announced. So if you happen to be North of the border and fancy having a play then pop along to the EIF Website for all the details of what’s on and where.

But some bad news is that some of the keynote speakers have dropped out from the seminar roster... which kind of puts a dent in the proceedings. Of those to pull is the director of one of my all-time fave films, Fight Club’s David Fincher. Also dropping out is Andy Serkis, the award winning actor who brought Gollum to life for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy of films. Steven Berkoff, famed for numerous film and TV roles and Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Stuart Beattie have also pulled out.

You might well be wondering what any of these guys have to do with games but one of the key messages year on year from EIF is that the boundaries between films and games is ever shrinking. This certainly rings true when you see modern games making use of cinematic effects and scene direction, so it’s a shame that these guys, with game and CGI heavy film credits under their belts, had to pull out.

Still, at least we’ve got Guitar Hero III to sooth our woes...

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OOO, I'm working in Edinburgh this summer so this could be a option, though £88 for a student seems rather expensive.