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The Elder Scrolls IV : Shivering Isles - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 19 February 2007, 09:11

Tags: The Elder Scrolls IV, Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO), PC, Xbox 360, PS3, RPG

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2K Games have released some new screenshots for their upcoming add-on to the Oblivion series, The Elder Scrolls IV : Shivering Isles.

Shivering Isles features more than 30 hours of new gameplay and allows you to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion – the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Shivering Isles adds to the existing world of Oblivion so you can continue playing with your existing save game/character, or create an all new character just to explore the new content.

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Looks good :)

Games rader have a video article done for OXM which talks about SI for some length including some in game footage. I was originally a bit ‘meh’ about this expansion, but new landscape 25% the size of Cyrodiil, sorted :D