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Lumines live hits the Xbox 360 arcade

by Steven Williamson on 18 October 2006, 09:36

Tags: Lumines, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Puzzle

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Lumines Live hits the Xbox 360 live arcade today! Xbox live and should be back up and running at some point today after yesterday's update schedule left live gamers with nothing to do but play with themselves. Microsoft have been very secretive about the update, but we should find out what changes have been implemented very shortly.

Lumines Live

As a block-dropping game, its look and basic gameplay is similar to Columns and Tetris, although the music and visuals are far more important to this game. A 2 x 2 square (an O tetromino) made of four smaller block pieces is dropped into the playing field. The small blocks that comprise the larger blocks will be one of two different colors. You make the blocks disappear by rotating their component block orientation and using the D-Pad to form four matching colored blocks into a square. A vertical "timeline" periodically sweeps horizontally across the field and removes such squares. Unmatched blocks pile up, and the game ends when the pile gets too tall. When part of a falling block hits an obstruction, the unobstructed portion of the block will split off and continue to fall.

Lumines Live! is played in different "skins". Like software interface skins, these change the visual appearance of the board, but they also control the soundtrack. Each skin contains a different song and different sound effects, which are triggered by game events and then integrated into the soundtrack. As in Mizuguchi's earlier game Rez, the separation of soundtrack and sound effects is much less than in most video games. Skins are unlocked by progressing through the different game modes.

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Woo… I'm interested to see what this other “cool stuff” is that they are introducing during the downtime.

Oh and this made me laugh quite a bit :)
Tom Scott;891646
Woo… I'm interested to see what this other “cool stuff” is that they are introducing during the downtime.

Oh and this made me laugh quite a bit :)

lol, yeah I'm keeping an eye out. is still down :undecided
god lumines is addictive, i put in 4 hours today… and my scores compared to the rest of the world suggest i havent even touched the surface yet
Its good, but i think the psp version is better!
I just wish they hadn't stripped down the puzzle modes (and why aren't the puzzle modes available yet?).

I think there must be subliminal messages in the main game (MUST BUY PUZZLE PACK, MUST BUY PUZZLE PACK).

tbh, I did think 1200 pts was a bit expensive considering ^ and the fact you can buy the (complete) PSP version for around £12 if you look hard enough…

and yes it is very addictive.