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Xbox 360-exclusive Dead Rising to be banned in Germany

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 10:25

Tags: Dead Rising (Xbox 360), FPS

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The upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive title, Dead Rising, will not make it to the shelves in Germany. The Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK), Germany's official software rating organisation, have taken offence to the violent nature of the zombie killing fests (sounds like a great advertisement). Germany are notorious for banning games that are too violent, which have included Quake 1,2 and 3,Doom 1 and 2, and the admittedly violent game, Manhunt.

It may well be worth buying an extra copy and sticking it on Ebay with a high reserve, no doubt they'll be some blood thirsty Germans eager to snap them up quicker than sh*t of a shovel. You can't beat a bit of negative publicity for increasing game sales.

Dead Rising features an open level of freedom and offers a vast array of gameplay possibilities. As part of a real time system, time is dynamic in Dead Rising, marching onwhether Frank is actively engaged or if he is stationary. Time also plays a role as zombies become more powerful when the sun goes down. Though they move slowly during the day, the zombies become stronger and faster at night, making it even more dangerous for players to survive. The unprecedented numbers of enemies come in never-ending waves and consist of a diverse population of former humans that have retained some memory of their previous lives, which is reflected in their behavior and appearance.The variety of different stores in the mall offers players an endless supply of resources including vehicles, makeshift weapons and more. Players will also encounter other survivors along the way and by helping them can acquire valuable clues as to whathas happened.

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Check out the First Look from back in October last year.

Source :Xbox 360.qj.net

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They're gonna love Saints Row then. :mrgreen:
lol im gunna ebay one

whats saints row?
Saints Row is the next best violent equivalent until GTA4 hits the stores.


They never were my kinda games, but it's sure to be a smash amongst the younger rap loving generation.:lol:
but it's sure to be a smash amongst the younger rap loving generation.:lol:

Have you missed a letter out of that statement by any chance ? :devilish:

I can see where the German's are coming from. I've been wanting Dead Rising ever since I heard about it and downloaded the videos on xbox live the other day.

Talk about grusome, and limbs flying ahoy.

I personally can't wait to play with the light sabre, chainsaw and golfclubs :D
Perhaps I should have put a more violent screenshot in the article rather than a bloke taking a leak.