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E3 - 2006 : LIVE :: Xbox 360 coverage on marketplace - Wat no demos?

by Steven Williamson on 11 May 2006, 13:22

Tags: Xbox 360, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360

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HEXUS.E3 Microsoft are doing a fine job of providing us with all the latest trailers, including Forza 2, Gears of War, Alan wake and Fable 2 which are all available on the Xbox live marketplace.

But where are all the promised demos? Earlier in the week we were treated to a demo of Test Drive Unlimted and Lost Planet, but Day One has passed with no further demos. Apparently we may still have Moto GP '06 , Crackdown ,Dead or Alive : Xtreme 2 ,The Lord of the Rings , The Battle for Middle Earth II , Sonic the Hedgehog , Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Viva Piñata, but rumour has it that they will only show the trailers of the majority of these games.

Thre is a great backstage video from E3 which gives us an insight it what it must be like to be at the event. It's brought to us by two rather girls, with Minnie Mouse voices, from the all girl gaming clan, PMS. Rhe video talks to Midge from FASA who tell us that their new game Shadow Run will be a team based multiplayer game enabling PC players to take on Xbox 360 players.

They take a look at the Xbox live arcade VIP area, and show us how the Xbox 360 camera will work. Amazingly it maps the face and translates it onto the screen, this is shown via Activisions' poker game which will incorporate the function. I'm not sure how seeing your opponent will make poker console games any more exciting, but it's still great to see the technology being used to push the boundaries of gaming.

There's new stuff added to the marketplace constantly so it's well worth keeping an eye out! Let us know if you see a demo pop up!

Edited at 3pm: Apologies! There was also a Lost Planet demo which we thought was a trailer! The Moto GP has just appeared (4pm)


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The Demo for Lost Planet popped up on Marketplace earlier in the week.

It's actually very good although the gameplay might be a bit repetitive. Kill the bugs with gun, kill the bigger bugs with rocket. Rinse, repeat….

The grapple is a good feature although it's a shame it's so damn short.

*ponders over grappling across a large ravine*
lol, damn you're joking *edits piece*. Right I'll download that now!
There is also a demo for Test Drive Unlimited and now MotoGP.

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger! hehe
Go away Parm! yeah I just noticed the Moto GP demo. I'll put this down to experience!
Nice article, will have to get downloading these demo's / trailers.. as I haven't checked Market place in like a week or so!!..