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Jesus appears on the Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 17 February 2006, 11:38

Tags: Xbox 360, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360

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Bow down before the 360

Praise the Lord, Jesus was a gamer! The craze for any item that appears to depict the face of Jesus, has now entered the gaming world. An ebayer from Denver, Colorado has auctioned his Xbox 360, claiming it shows the face of Christ on the back.

On the site he says, "As a little kid, I was always searching for an apparition. I would kneel in front of the altar and stare into icons hoping that they would come alive. I'd see small glimpses every now and then, like a formation in the clouds, or inexplicable formations of a crucifix in inanimate objects, but nothing like this.

This XBOX 360 package has an Image of a man in the resemblance of Jesus on the back of the packaging. I did not alter the package in any way. This is a natural occurance of something beyond my understanding."

The seller admits himself that the pictures are of poor quality, and we totally agree. Not only does it look nothing like our Saviour, but it looks more like an apparition of the devil. Actually it looks more like a brown stain, but we wouldn't want to ruin the dreams of dozens of potential buyers.

I'm going to check some old potatoes I've got knocking around in the cupboard, I'm sure I've seen one that looks like camp pop legend, Leo Sayer.

Thanks to Kokatu for the story, they've published an image which may make the image a little clearer. You'll need to scroll down the page, check it out here

Check out the face of Jesus on Ebay

Can you see it?

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over $3000 and says reserve not met! lol
i think setting a price above that is just plain greedy!
I think I'd have taken money off for that! ;)
Well, at least it comes with a 360 ^_^
Holy Xbox 360 Batman!

I'll get my coat.
I think the potato idea was tons better!