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Bill Gates gives us the official word on Halo 3

by Steven Williamson on 10 January 2006, 13:48

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Halo 3 won't compete with PS3

We've known for some time that Halo 3 was in development, but up until this point there was no official word. Bill Gates has come forward to confirm those rumours and give us an insight into when we will see the game hitting the shelves.

In an interview conducted with Engadget Bill Gates was asked if Halo3 would launch around the same time as Sony's Playstation 3, he said, " No, it's up to the team when they want to ship that, and they're going to take their time to make that a super great product. So even we don't know when that will come out. That's one of many games that are just phenomenal that are in the works, but it's up to the artists to do it when they feel good about it.

Surely if Halo 3 was being released on the PS3 launch then Bill Gate's would not want Sony to know.This could be a clever smokescreen. We doubt it though, Halo 3 will need to be a great game to live up to expectation and it makes sense that Bungie will be working hard to perfect it. A rush to get them game finished could result in disaster.

Bizarrely, a reputable news source contacted HEXUS.gaming today to tell us that Halo 3 is already finished, and that it will ship around the launch of the 360. The source seemed adamant that this information was correct. Very strange indeed.

Bill did seem to contradict himself saying,"even we don't know when that will come out",even though he'd already replied with a "no" answer to the question about launching at the same time PS3. You either know or you don't Bill.

Check out our Halo 3 rumours feature from a few weeks ago.

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Hehe. What he means is ‘yes, but we don’t know when the PS3 will launch' :p
Hehe. What he means is ‘yes, but we don’t know when the PS3 will launch' :p

exactly what I thought:lol: