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Batman: Arkham City PC gamers furious with technical issues

by Steven Williamson on 28 November 2011, 11:19

Tags: Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX)

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From corrupted audio and boss battle glitches to stuttering frame-rates and fatal error messages, Batman: Arkham City gamers are up in arms about the host of technical problems currently plaguing the PC version of Warner Bros’ action adventure.

Launching six weeks after the console version, the biggest complaint, however, is with DirectX11 and its poor implementation. Many users have complained that with DX11 activated, Batman: Arkham City is virtually unplayable and have now reverted back to DX9 to resolve the issue.

Indeed, Warner Bros has acknowledged the issue, recommending that gamers disable DX11 in the settings to fix “some” of the problems.

“We have received reports of performance issues from players of Batman: Arkham City on PC. After researching the matter, we found that running the game with DX 11 is causing the performance issues. We’re working on a title update to address this matter and expect to make it available in the near future,” writes a member of the Community Team on the official forums.

PC gamers left in the cold

Reassurance that the issue is being worked on is little solace for many gamers, who complain that a problem as big as this should have been cleared up before launch. Unsurprising, some disgruntled customers are using the official forums to express their dissatisfaction.

Arphissmo writes:

“This is inexcusable.

You're telling that i have to wait a month after the consoles, have to deal with GFWL AND Securom, and on top of that the game is a bug ridden mess at launch?

I've had several crashes besides not being able to fully use the hardware i paid for, just like everyone else complaining.

Is this how you treat your paying customers?

I am not buying another game from you guys, ever. And then publishers complain about piracy when they deliver this sort of ****.”

Some users complain of a lack of communication from the development team, while others say that the issue is unforgivable. Evidently, a large chunk of the community is amazed that such a major technical fault even got past the testing phase, and some believe that PC gamers have been totally neglected as the console versions launched without a hitch.

Warner Bros has since issued a sincere apology and says that it working to resolve the issue. Is it little too late though? How do you feel about the DX11 problems with Batman: Arkham City? Following similar technical issues with RAGE and Skyrim, do you think that developers and publishers are neglecting PC gamers? Or, maybe you can simply shrug this off and wait until it's all fixed?

Let us know your thoughts in the HEXUS.community forums.

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DX11 issues really annoyed me last night when I finally decided to start playing it.

And yes, it really does suck to wait weeks extra for the “shiny PC version” only to have to turn the shinies off :(

Tried my retail key in both steam and origin as well…..no go. It is GFWL + SecuROM for all retail copies….which means disk in the drive - FFS!!!
GFWL is abysmal!

I've had a few issues with GFWL locking up and not responding and this in turn has crashed batman several times halfway through some frantic action on screen.
Not even received my copy from Amazon yet!

I've been waiting for some time to play this, avoided getting it on console in favour of the ‘polished’ PC version. In spite of all this I might just return it and get it out of a bargain bin down the line. GFWL was keeping me on the fence as it was…
Still waiting aswell :P, thehut arent fast :( but cant complain at £15… got to much work to be getting on with so hopefully they sort all this out within 2 - 4 weeks and ill be ok :D.

Cant believe this though it really is pitiful, you have DICE bringing out a bloody solid PC game and yet it is the year of the worst ports :(. Skyrim is an excellent game but its terrible in regards to being a console game.

Hopefully one day i become super rich and somehow am an amazing games developer and make my own studio and build just PC GAMES! That will be the day guys :D.
Until the next generation of consoles built using the concepts found in DirectX11 are released, this will be a common occurance. No studio has enough time to fully develop a true multi-platform game, and thus reuses so much code between versions that bugs are inevitable.

Chances are, someone at the studio already knew about this, delayed the launch as long as they could, and this is the end result. God knows what this must have looked like 6 weeks ago!