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GTA V set for “biggest launch ever” as 2K shares rise

by Steven Williamson on 27 October 2011, 10:30

Tags: Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Take 2 Games

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Shares in Take-Two Games have risen by six percent following the announcement of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Rockstar Games confirmed that the first teaser trailer for the open-world action-adventure will launch on November 2nd. The announcement was accompanied by the game’s official logo, which shows a green-coloured Roman numeral ‘V’ wrapped with a banner sporting the word ‘Five.’

Does the logo hold clues to the setting and era for GTA V?

With fans desperate to work out where and when GTA V will be set, the logo has been under scrutiny and eagle-eyed gamers have discovered that it is identical to the design of the $5 dollar bank note issued in 1889 by the US Mint. An American setting seems likely, but Rockstar would surely be going against the GTA grain to take us back to a pre-1900 era? (all previous games have been set post-1960.)

The most credible GTA V rumours suggest that it will be set in LA in a modern-day era, where the city has recently struggled financially due to the global recession.

Avind Bhatia, analyst for Sterne Agee, believes that the value of Take-Two may rocket again following the release of the trailer next week and predicts that it could become the biggest selling game of all-time, forecasting worldwide sales of 25 million units.

Rockstar’s last numbered entry in the series, GTA IV, sold 22 million units worldwide and took global sales of the franchise to an incredible 114 million units.

The first trailer is set to cause a shockwave of excitement through the gaming world on November 2nd, where you’ll be able to watch it on the official Rockstar website.

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i'm an adult, but i like games. so i go to websites like IGN but i rarely take part in the comments because between all the nerdrage and fanboyjism coating all the walls it's kinda pointless

if i do i often mock those kids for being so passionate and, frankly, over the top with the love of a game

but ever since this announcement i have been running round in circles making a high pitched “scrreeeeeeeeeeeee” noise while clapping my hands

the missus keeps trying to contain me, she's currently out shopping for a bigger butterfly net, but until then, WHO SHALL SCREEEEE WITH ME?

Yeah go on then. :)

Love all the wild speculation around it… It's almost like an apple announcement!
I'm betting you'll play head of the IMF and have to fend off a plethora of sexual harassment cases.