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Double Fine's next project is 'Trenched'

by Steven Williamson on 3 March 2011, 11:28

Tags: FPS

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Double Fine Productions, the developer behind Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and the Xbox Live hit's Costume Quest and Stacking has revealed its latest project at the Game Developer's Conference this week.

The San Francisco-based developer is working on Trenched exclusively, it seems, for Xbox Live Arcade. The game is described as a hybrid tower defense and third person shooter game that will be "extremely, extremely manly."

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer also revealed it will be set during World War I in an alternate reality, with players commanding giant mecha-style robots with weapon and armor customization through a variety of missions set across the world.

Alongside with the announcement comes the official trailer...

A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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