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F.E.A.R 3 has divergent co-op, but what the hell does that mean?

by Steven Williamson on 17 January 2011, 14:41

Tags: Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX), Action/Adventure

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It appears that videogame deveioper, Warner Bros. Interactive, has coined a new phrase that relates to its latest entry in the bum-clenching F.E.A.R series, but could well take off if things go according to plan. 'Divergent co-op' is the buzz phrase that accompanies most of the game's press releases and videos, but what the hell does it mean?

Well, 'Divergent,' according to the dictionary definition, can mean either: a: differing; deviating, or b : differing from each other or from a standard, So, it's not entirely clear what Warner Bros is talking about on paper, but it does suggest that it's something different to what we've experienced before.

In this case, showcased by the footage below, F.E.A.R 3 is going to feature ground-breaking co-op play. In the words of Warner Bros, players will have "distinctly different abilities affecting their own play as well as the experience of their co-op partner." Furthermore, though you'll gain points as a team and individually, you'll also be able to split off on different paths to reach the same objective a certain sections in the game.

The co-op mode features Point Man and his brother Paxton Fettel, both who offer very different skills and powers. While Point Man will boast many of the attributes that a soldier would have, Paxton will have powers such as telekinesis, stun and the ability to possess enemies.

According to the developer, this new divergent co-op mode is all about extending the replay value of the game, while putting a neat twist on standard co-op play. It could, if done well, be very interesting indeed. Check out this video, which explains it further.

F.E.A.R. 3 is due for release in May 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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divergent: Tending to be different or develop in different directions