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Crysis 2 multiplayer Xbox 360 test invites sent out

by Steven Williamson on 14 October 2010, 10:51

Tags: Crytek, FPS

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Crytek has begun issuing invites for the closed multiplayer testing of Crysis 2 on Xbox 360. We received our invite (shown below) due to our registration on the mycrysis.com website. It’s worth checking your inbox just in case! The invite reads:

“As part of our continuing Crysis 2 development we will be performing a multiplayer test starting very soon. For this test we will be inviting various community members to take part and help us push the game to its limits so we can make any adjustments necessary and ensure that we deliver the gameplay experience we know everyone wants to see!

There are a very limited number of tokens available which is why we want to make sure you, our valued community gets a chance to participate.

This tech test is limited to Xbox 360 consoles only this time around, so if you are interested in participating and you have an Xbox 360 gold account ready to go then please sign up below for a chance to participate in our multiplayer test!”

So far the following two multiplayer game modes have been confirmed.

Crash Site
Crash Site is a team-based game mode where 2 sides compete for control of Ceph Drop Pods launched periodically into the map by dropships patrolling overhead. Teams score points by guarding the pods and keeping enemies at bay.

Team Instant Action
Team Instant Action is a standard game mode pitting 2 teams against each other. Kill as many opponents as possible, whilst attempting to minimize your own deaths. Use the Nanosuit to sneak up on enemies in Stealth mode, or charge in and gun them down in Armor.

Crysis 2 is currently set for a March 2011 release.

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