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Jimmy’s Vendetta on Mafia 2 soon

by Steven Williamson on 31 August 2010, 15:05

Tags: Take 2 Games, Action/Adventure

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Jimmy’s Vendetta, the second downloadable game add-on for the crime game, Mafia II will launch on September 7 adding 30 new quests and leaderboard ranking.

Jimmy’s Vendetta takes players into an alternate perspective of the mob through the eyes of Jimmy, the guy the other guys call when they need to finish the job. In the add-on you are tasked with helping Jimmy clean up other people’s messes as you deal with the Italian and Irish mobsters that reside in Empire Bay.

As you progress, a slew of new quests are unlocked, including assassination and timed vehicle pursuits ending in dramatic shootouts and car chases. Multipliers and combos add bonus points to overall scores that will be immediately posted to the new online leaderboard system.

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The second DLC? What was the first?