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Microsoft launches standalone 250GB Xbox 360 hard drive

by Parm Mann on 24 March 2010, 10:20

Tags: Xbox 360, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Xbox 360

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Microsoft has confirmed that its 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 games console is now available as a standalone accessory.

The proprietary drive, pictured above, was originally available as part of exclusive Xbox 360 Elite bundles.

That exclusivity began to fade in February, when Microsoft made the 250GB unit available as a standalone accessory to Japanese consumers.

As expected, the company has now made the drive available to US consumers at a cost of $129.99, and will bring the accessory to the UK market next month priced at £79.99 £64.99 £79.99.

Microsoft's price point makes this the Xbox 360's best value storage solution to date, offering just over 3GB of capacity per pound spent. The console's storage solutions have a history of being notoriously expensive, but the latest addition is starting to edge closer to a standard 2.5in external drive in terms of cost.

Readers on the lookout for a bargain should keep an eye out for Microsoft's existing 120GB drive, which is expected to be phased out and offered at a reduced price "while supplies last".

Ready to make the jump to 250GB? UK retailer Amazon.co.uk has the drive available to pre-order, with availability penned for April 16th.

[Update] Microsoft Xbox community manager Graeme Boyd has confirmed that the drive's UK RRP is actually £64.99, significantly lower than the £79.99 pre-order price listed by certain retailers.

[Update 2] Seems Microsoft can't make up its mind. Community manager Graeme Boyd has now retracted his previous statement, adding that he "got the UK pricing for the 250GB hard drive wrong". Turns out it will be priced at £79.99, and not the £64.99 you were hoping for.

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Would be nice if could just swap the HD with a non propriety one a la PS3. At the very least, for for those who've splashed on the Elite.
Amazon atm are doing the 250GB HD for £66 pre-order. At present though I barely use 40% of the 120GB HD so a 250GB one would be a waste of money currently.
They want how much for it? I mean it's better than the £120 they wanted for the 120GB model but it's still outrageously expensive for a laptop hard drive! Sony have the right idea with the PS3 - let your customers just use what they want! Does anyone know if there's anything to stop you just upgrading the HDD yourself? It would require some fiddling to get it working but I really can't see anything wrong with modifying something which you own!
it's a proprietary file system based around Fat32 IIRC
there is a program out there that allows RW access via SATA directly to the drive, but I'm not sure if you're able to replace the drive. Knowing Microsoft there's probably a custom firmware on the HDD which you'd have to work around
I see a glut of used 120GB drives coming on the market as those with terminal upgraditis rush for these.

Or not. ;)