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GTA Ballad of Gay Tony multiplayer detailed

by Steven Williamson on 15 October 2009, 16:20

Tags: Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Xbox 360, PS3, Sports

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Lost And Damned multiplayer

The Lost and Damned - Multiplayer

Deathmatch and Team DM
New weapons class: Biker Weapons (automatic 9mm, sawed off shotgun, pipe bomb, pool cue, assault shotgun and grenade launcher)

New Race Type: Checkpoint races but each biker is equipped with a bat.

New Race Vehicle Classes:
Race Class: The Lost
Vehicles: Diabolus, Hexer, Lycan, Hellfury, Zombie, Innovation
Race Class: Angels of Death
Vehicles: Wayfarer, Daemon, Wolfsbane, Angel, Nightblade, Revenant
Race Class: Street Bikes
Vehicles: Double T, Double T Custom, Hakuchou, Hakuchou Custom, Bati 800, Bati Custom
Other Race Classes: Vans, Cars and Trucks

New Mode: Club Business:
How to Play: Angus will keep you informed as to what’s on the agenda for The Lost MC. Complete tasks to gain standing within the Club.
Description: Players must work together to complete a variety of different tasks and earn money for The Lost MC. These can include stealing bikes, taking out an enemy biker gang and picking up other members of Club.

New Mode: Lone Wolf Biker:
How to Play: One player is the Lone Wolf Biker, racing to checkpoints while evading the pursuers. Kill the Lone Wolf Biker and it’ll be you getting hunted – and you’ll become invincible for ten seconds. Pursuers can hold Y to respawn their vehicles.

Description: One player starts as the Lone Wolf Biker and must pass through checkpoints while avoiding the other players. If another player manages to kill the Lone Wolf Biker then they will become the new Lone Wolf Biker and must then avoid the pursuers. The winner is the player who has spent the most time as the Lone Wolf Biker when the round ends.

New Mode: Chopper Vs Chopper
How to Play: The biker tries to get to a checkpoint – the pursuer pilots an attack helicopter hunting them down. When the biker dies, the roles are reversed.
Hold Y to respawn your vehicle.
Description: One player starts on a bike and the other player in an attack helicopter. The biker must reach checkpoints dotted around the map and try to avoid being killed by the pursuer. Roles are reversed if the attacker manages to kill the biker. The player who has passed the most checkpoints at the end of the round wins.

New Mode: Witness Protection
How to Play: The N.O.O.S.E have to escort witnesses to police stations around the city, while The Lost try to destroy the transport bus and take out the snitches before they talk.
Description: The Lost MC players must kill the as many of the 3 witnesses as possible before the N.O.O.S.E driver can drop them off at each police station. They can do this by destroying the prison bus or by chasing down the bus and shooting the witnesses as they walk from the bus to station.
One N.O.O.S.E player will be selected as the driver and the other members of the N.O.O.S.E team must protect the witnesses.
The first witness is worth $500, the second $1000 and the third $1500. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.

New Mode: Own the City
How to Play: Take as much territory as you can. A territory becomes yours when all its defenders are dead. While you own a territory, members of your club will appear to defend it. Your club’s Gun Van is marked with a square blip on your radar. Drive it near your defenders to equip them with better weaponry.
Description: The Lost MC battles the Angels of Death for control of Liberty City. The chosen location is split up into several different territories. Each team must take over as many of these territories as possible before the round ends. Your team will capture a territory once you have killed all AI defenders and enemy players inside it.
The team in control of the most territory at the end of the round wins.


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