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Sky Player to launch on Xbox 360 this month

by Steven Williamson on 5 October 2009, 12:27

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Though full and final details of the planned Sky Player service for Xbox live have yet to be revealed, and Microsoft or Sky haven't confirmed its launch date,Sky Magazine has revealed that the service should launch at some point in October.

For a new customer joining Sky through their Xbox, Sky Player will offer a wide range of live channels and on-demand content via a number of different packages. Customer will also be able to access their favourite shows on a pay-per-view basis. Existing Sky customers who already own an Xbox will benefit from another way to view their favourite shows, in addition to their Sky set-top box and PC or Mac

There will be a range of unique interactive services available to the Xbox LIVE / Sky Player offering. For Sky Sports, for example, this will mean that live coverage will be supported by range of applications to enhance the viewing experience further. As well as fans being able to communicate with one another in real time via their broadband connections, they will also be able to check news and access fixtures, league tables and other on-demand information. Interactive applications will also be developed across other programmes genres.

Stephen Nuttall, Director of Sky's Commercial Group comments:" Our partnership with Xbox is a further example of our commitment to put choice and control in the hands of customers. Xbox owners now have a range of ways to access Sky content and can pick and choose the platform and packages that are right for them. We are extremely excited about the opportunity of reaching Xbox owners who are looking to experience Sky for the first time, as well as giving our existing customers yet another way to experience the content they love."

Echoing this, Neil Thompson, Head of Xbox UK and Ireland, adds: "Our customers have told us that they want the opportunity to use their consoles as a way to access TV and once again Xbox has pulled off an entertainment first with amazing content and rich interactive experience. The combination of Sky's leadership in content creation and aggregation and our own in creating a constantly evolving new generation of rich 360 entertainment experiences means we are one step closer to our goal of offering Xbox owners the best entertainment experiences out there, whether it's movies, music, games, interactive experiences or high quality TV."

Sky TV shows will initially roll out in SD and DVD quality with no mention of HD streaming. Xbox owners will not have the option to record programmes onto their consoles.

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Erm.. If I use my TV to watch both Sky and XBOX, how is this Sky player going to help me? eh?
Erm.. If I use my TV to watch both Sky and XBOX, how is this Sky player going to help me? eh?

I'm guessing you'd use it in a room where you didn't have Sky like a bedroom, games room, kids room etc. Would save you having to get Sky multiroom though I'm also guessing you'd have to be a gold subscriber to XBL.

Been thinking of getting a 360 for a while, might be time to now!
No PS3? Boooo to Sky :p
no recording is a bit lame, getting a TV card on my pc to record was one of the main reasons for buying one!

looks good and looking forward to its roll-out as long as its reasonably priced!
Now if only sky would allow you to use a sky card in a pc so i don't have to have so many box's