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Eidos claim gaming perfection for Batman Arkham Asylum

by Steven Williamson on 9 April 2009, 16:31

Tags: Batman Arkham Asylum, Eidos (TYO:9684), Xbox 360, PS3, Action/Adventure

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The UK Marketing Manager for Eidos,Jon Brooke, has gone on record to claim that the company's upcoming action adventure game, Batman Arkham Asylum, is close to perfection and believes that it will the biggest game of the summer.

“It’s as close to perfect as we’ve ever come, it looks amazing, plays beautifully and has a rich twisting storyline with enormous replayability, Brooke told MCV. "I’m confident enough to say that it will set a new benchmark for licensed games and it’s going to establish itself as one of our best games ever.”

You can't knock a bloke for being confident, he certainly talks the talk, but one of the best games ever? We'll be reserving judgement until Batman Arkham Asylum arrives in May.

It certainly looks impressive.

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Well, it does look good, i'll grant them that, although might appeal more to those who like the Tomb Raider series, than the FPS-ers.

Looks like it's for PS3, Xbox and Windows
Supposed to be a lot stealthier than a tomb raider game.
Well it's hardly like they are going it to say…

“Well it looks alright”
Not really a batman fan, but the gameplay style looks interesting.
Looks like a Batman variant of Splinter Cell if you ask me.

Wasn't that an Eidos game as well?