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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles revealed

by Steven Williamson on 11 March 2009, 16:15

Tags: Resident Evil 5, Capcom (TYO:9697), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Shoot 'em up

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Keen for some more on-rails Resident Evil action? It looks like you won't have to wait too long. Famitsu magazine has revealed that Capcom is working on a continuation of the Wii-exclusive The Umbrella Chronicles, called The Darkside Chronicles.

The only snippets of information thus far are that it will be exclusive to Wii, it will be an on-rails shooter, and it will feature a two-player co-op mode. The storyline will apparently take place during the Resident Evil 2 time-line, with residents battling against the threat of the virus-infected population of Racoon City.

Capcom is expected to make an official announcement shortly, where we're bound to get further gameplay details and hopefully a few screenshots.

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I was reading on Gamespot yesterday there was going to be a new Resident Evil for the Wii, and had my money on a Code Veronica remake, ala the Resident Evil 1 remake on the Cube.

All was going well until the ‘on rails’ bit.