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Turn 10 hints at Forza Motorsport 3 progress

by Parm Mann on 10 March 2009, 15:52

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Rumours continue to trickle in regarding Forza Motorsport 3, the next instalment of the hugely-popular racing series from developer Turn 10.

We've been told to expect hundreds of cars and tracks, and industry sources have hinted at a Q4 2009 release. However, fans of the series - myself included - have yet to get their hands on any concrete information and we're left scouring Turn 10's weekly pitpass report in the hope of new information.

Way back in July 2008, Forza Motorsport community manager Che Chou managed to catch our attention by stating that Turn 10's "software architects have figured out ways to push the 360 in ways I didn't think were possible in terms of both visuals and performance."

This week, he's at it again and states in his latest pitpass report that progress on Turn 10's next game continues, and that fans are likely to appreciate what they see when the game is unveiled.

Elaborating just a touch, Che points out that he has been "spending quite a lot of time just admiring the game from a visual standpoint", adding that "the past few weeks have seen the graphics really come into its own".

Having been absent from pitpass reports in recent weeks, Che states "my focus has been solely on our future project, making sure that we deliver on our aspirations for what we think are some pretty awesome community features and ways for those who love cars (and speedboats/helicopters) to interact with each other. Secrecy being what it is, now is obviously not the time to divulge such details. Besides, when we do announce our next game and show you what it looks like, it’ll be done with a bang, not just the whimper of a blog post."

The wait just doesn't seem to end, and though we're itching to put rubber on the tracks of Forza Motorsport 3, we're ever-so-slightly worried about Che's mention of speedboats and helicopters - here's hoping that's little more than a joke.

Summing up the future project's visuals, the Turn 10 team tells us it's spending plenty of time with the game's photomode, and captures from the latest build are described simply as a "portfolio of car porn".

Although release dates remain unknown, we're expecting 2010 to be a scorching year for race fans - after all, we might just see the Xbox 360's Forza Motorsport 3 and PlayStation 3's Gran Turismo 5 race into stores around the same time. Judging by Turn 10's latest comments, the Forza team is doing its utmost to match - or, perhaps, surpass - Gran Turismo's dazzling visuals.

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where is MadduckUK
:lol: probably at work

I can't wait for this :D
We may see Forza 4 before GT5 at this rate :eek:
where is MadduckUK

helloooo :D

my worry as far as the visuals go is that turn 10 will sacrifice the framerate in order to try and keep up with what gt5 is doing, i would rather a minor improvement over forza2 (which to be fair was only a minor improvement over forza1) than them knocking it down to 30fps, anyone who says they cant tell the difference never had forza1 and gt4 on the go at the same time and never went directly from f1 to f2.

not going to comment about anything else as its all old stuff really, the 100's of cars and tracks was from last summer for example :/
spot on. we need this to be locked at 60fps not 30