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Xbox 360 Limited Edition GTA IV points card spotted

by Steven Williamson on 27 January 2009, 14:25

Tags: Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Xbox 360

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A limited edition Grand Theft Auto IV Microsoft points card is due to be released on February 13th to coincide with the launch of new Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content which arrives on the Xbox live marketplace on February 17th.

As you can see, the card comes sporting a Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned design and furnishes you with 1600 Microsoft points. Guess how much it will cost you to download the new GTA IV content? 1600 points of course.

If it tickles your fancy, the card will be available to buy from

HEXUS Forums :: 2 Comments

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Good idea, but I'll probably just buy the 2100 card anyway. the extra points is always useful for a couple of Rockband tracks or something :p
I'll wait to see if the content of L&D warrants a purchase. But if it does I'll probably do the same as tigerboyce and buy agood couple of thousand points. (My name desperately needs to be changed)