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My Xbox 360 froze after installing the New Xbox Experience

by Steven Williamson on 20 November 2008, 11:07

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When I booted up my Xbox 360 on yesterday morning, on the launch day of the much-hyped New Xbox Experience, I did feel a little anxious. Having already suffered with two instances of the much maligned "red rings of death" issue, I can't say I have much faith when it comes to Microsoft's hardware and its dashboard updates.

After installing NXE and choosing a suitably groovy avatar, I flicked through the funky new dashboard smoothly enough until I tried to access the section, 'Games with Avatars.' Much to my annoyance, my console froze. Thinking this was going to be the start of my third RRoD experience, I called Microsoft every "mutha 'uckin" name under the sun and hastily switched the console off in the hope that I'd limit any damage.

Luckily, I've been able to turn the console back on and get back onto the dash, but I certainly won't be accessing the same section for fear that it will cause further problems. Since the freezing issue, I've only spent 10 minutes or so on Xbox live, but I'm still nervous that if I go rooting around the new dash I'll see a repeat performance, or even worse. I immediately went online to see if others were experiencing similar issues.

Lo and behold, reports are gathering pace around the net of various problems caused by the New Xbox Experience update with complaints of slow downs, lock ups, display issues and connection freezes.

At this stage, only 24 hours since the NXE launched, we're not sure of the scale of the problem, but it's obviously significant enough for Xbox live's Major Nelson to respond.

"We are aware some of you may be experiencing a few hiccups along the way. The LIVE team is closely monitoring the LIVE service and Xbox.com and are aware of a few issues including what's happening with Marketplace. The team is actively working on the issues, so thanks for bearing with us."

Hiccups we can deal with.

There are also reports that modded consoles have been suffering the RRoD since the update, suggesting that Microsoft has put some security in place to detect such hardware. Maybe this could be the root of the problem?

Anyone else suffered any issues?

Source :: Xbox 360 QJ

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If you get a freeze, wait 20 seconds or so and it will go back to normal. Seems to be a bit of a bug, but its not a crash.
I had a few little quirks that seemed to iron themselves out.

When I first installed the update, the console rebooted to a blank screen and nothing happened for ages. Turned it off and on and all was back to normal - and that new intro video was well funky.

Had a bit of a play, but when I tried to join a Party the console froze and I had to turn it off and on again.

Since then, it's been smooth sailing. Doesn't half scare you when the console freezes though - you immediately look at the “Xbox ring” for signs of redness, and one hand reaches for the phone, in which all Xbox 360 owners should have the support number on speed dial. :)

Fair play though, it's an update going out to millions and I've had no hiccups since. Touch wood.

I'm not sure if console models make a difference, but mine is an age-old 20GB console without HDMI.
you immediately look at the “ring” for signs of redness

it's a good job we have context in this world :o
i been lucky no problems with it so far.

my console was made oct last year and is 20gb model with hdmi
it's a good job we have context in this world :o
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Oh boy! I've edited it to “Xbox ring”! :embarrassed: