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The Lost and Damned revealed as new GTA IV episode

by Steven Williamson on 20 November 2008, 12:17

Tags: Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Xbox 360, PS3, Shoot 'em up

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The first trickle of information regarding upcoming downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, which has been confirmed will launch on February 17th 2009, has been confirmed.

In an interview conducted with Rockstar's Dan Houser with USA Today, he confirms that a new episode, titled "The Lost and Damned," will launch on February 17th.

The episode will feature Johnny Klebitz, the acting head of the The Lost Brother Hood, a Liberty City biker and according to Houser will "show you a different side of Liberty City."

"I can't go into too much detail on the story, because we try not to give away too much plot before the game is released," said Houser.

"The Lost and Damned" will be the first of two exclusive episodes for Xbox 360

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do we have any idea what kinda price these DLC's are gonna be

The news that you will play a biker and his gang and that it will focus on showing a “Different side of Liberty City”, all but confirms the rumours that the downloadable content will see you fighting off hordes of zombies that gradually infect the inhabitants of Liberty city.

Last month some hints were found in game, with a lot of zombie related stuff going on… see here..

The title of the DLC says it all really. The lost (Biker gang's name)… and the damned!!

February is gonna be a good time for 360 peeps - Street Fighter 4 and new GTA4.

Sweet. :D
I have a ‘feeling’ this is what my mate was working on….might be different though (rockstar IP, bikers, desert….)