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Xbox 360 Lean, Granite and Pure related to Valhalla chipset?

by Steven Williamson on 19 September 2008, 12:56

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Here's one gargantuan rumour to get your head around today. The guys over at CheapAssGamer claim they have received a photograph of a letter that appears to confirm the codename's of three new Xbox 360 SKUs.

The document, which conveniently has no official letterhead, appears to show that the three codenames: Xbox - Lean, Xbox - Granite and Xbox - Pure, are awaiting one final signature before getting the green light.

Rumours circulating around the web suggest that the codenames could relate to new Xbox 360 SKUs, with some sites even suggesting that the last name on the list, XboxPure, could be the name of the next Xbox.

The likelihood that the name of the next Xbox has been leaked only three years into the current console's life cycle is very slim indeed, but, if indeed these names do eventually prove to be connected in any way to Xbox 360, isn't it feasible to suggest that they could be associated with Valhalla, the new chipset reported to be available at the end of 2009, which includes a CPU and GPU unified into one chip and manufactured at the 65nm process?

Could these three names then be the codenames relating to the three versions: the arcade model (possible a slimline version), the premium and the Elite versions containing the upcoming Valhalla motherboard?

It's anybody's guess. Take a look at the picture over at CheapAssGamer and let us know your thoughts in the HEXUS.community forums.

UPDATE It was a load of horse s**t. The guys at Cheap Ass Gamer were running a competition with its community to create the best rumour. Yeah, very funny - not.

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t'is a fake, FYI
t'is a fake, FYI

:) yep
t'is a fake, FYI


The omission of a letterhead on the photo was extremely fishy.