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GTAIV's third trailer coming this evening

by Parm Mann on 6 December 2007, 18:36

Tags: Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Shoot 'em up

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New GTAIV trailer nears, interweb implosion imminent

We can hear the excitement grow among GTA fans, as well as outrage among those against violent video games. Nonetheless, Rockstar is set to debut its third and latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV.

Launching via its official website, the trailer will be viewable as of 8pm GMT today. That is, if the servers don't crash which more often than not, they do.

Move up, ladies

If you're unable to crawl onto the website later this evening, the Gamerscoreblog advises that Xbox 360 users will also be able to download the trailer via Xbox Live Marketplace.

Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled for a 2008 release.

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Official Grand Theft Auto IV website

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Not a bad trailer. Not the most exciting (I was never one for the GTA games) but the music is pretty funky. :O_o1:
Cant wait, Its giong to be awesome

edit: ooo, 1000 posts!!

yay :D
GO WATCH NOW! on either xbox live or GRAND THEFT AUTO IV
literally blew my tits off.the best game ever much! sorry but thats biased but OH MY GOD! nothing you'd class as “new” but for me liberty city aka gta3/lcs has always been the best simply because it's new york and yeah gta3 never gets old to play it in a assassin creed kinda powered city (as in FULL of people and newer graphics) is going to be insane. even if the plot sucks which it doesn't by the looks of it judging by who you meet etc… it'll still be the most realistic/vivid/fun/playable/re playable/etc etc gta ever. i just can't put it into words.
unbelievable tbf!
for those that haven't seen it LOOK NOW! go on live. Its also on the official site aswell GRAND THEFT AUTO IV
watching that on my 37" 1080i hdtv was just incredible… I can't wait to be playing it and with more exclusive content coming june (according to an E3 video on live) its just gonna be the best game of the year.
apologies for the childishness but just wow want it now!
what you guys think then? and also how amazing do the police choppers look!
this looks nothing special compared to say GTA 3

Slightly newer hardware for it to run on, so better effects on things like the water by the looks of it.

GTA is a great game, so I'm sure it will be playable, but there is nothing amazing in this trailer.
Dont worry about Mr ‘always’ negative, keef i think it looks blinding as well, especially on my 50" hd sammy, really cant wait for this as well, looks like the delay was a very positive thing. Of course this will be playable, whats the point of rockstar putting all this effort in to make an unplayable game ‘duh’:juggle: