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OAPs love Wii

by Steven Williamson on 27 January 2009, 11:29

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Apparently, it's not only youngsters and families who are enjoying Wii's range of casual games, but old age pensioners are having a great time with them too.

According to a report in London Paper, Helen McArdle Care, which owns a number of old people's homes in the North East of England, has equipped each of its centres with a Wii console and the company's manager reckons that the residents "absolutely adore them."

"It is making them more healthy because a lot of the time they would stay in their rooms and not come out to do their armchair exercise - but now they do and it has become a bit of a competition between them to see who's the best," said Carole Thomson from the Hartlepool centre.

The paper even has some quotes from the residents. Jim Fisher, age 74, said "It's the first time I've ever seen one of these things, let alone played one, but it is great fun. I knew there would be a television here, but I did not realise they had this game going on at all.

Betty Dennis, age 86 commented "I'm really enjoying it. It's given me the opportunity to socialise with the residents and staff and to get to know people better.

"They tell me I'm quite good, but I would not like to say so myself."

There's a commercial opportunity here. They could sell tickets. Grannies vs Grandads in a spot of Wii Boxing, anyone?

Source :: London Paper

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Good for them. My grandparents are a dab hand at the Wii Sports bowling, but the rest of the games are a bit tricky for them.