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Sam & Max Season One destined for Wii

by Steven Williamson on 7 April 2008, 11:00

Tags: Sam & Max Season One, JoWooD Productions Software, Wii, Action/Adventure

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Guide the Freelance Police through a series of bizarre mysteries

This collection of the first six Sam & Max episodes will introduce a brand new audience to the popular PC game series as Sam & Max Season One comes to Wii this Autumn.

Sam & Max first hit the indie comic scene in 1987, courtesy of franchise creator Steve Purcell. In the twenty years since, they have appeared in an animated TV series, an Eisner-winning webcomic, and numerous video games. The success of the Sam & Max episodic series has fueled a renaissance for the franchise. Developer, Telltale, recently released a special 20th Anniversary Edition of the complete Sam & Max comic collection, Surfin' the Highway, after nearly a decade out of print, and a DVD box set of the 1997 animated series has just been published.

This latest move for the Sam & Max franchise was apparently fueled by fans excitement for the series, which led to an email campaign to bring the first six episodes to Wii.

Sam & Max Season One for Wii will be published by Dreamcatcher/The Adventure Company in North America, and by JoWooD in Europe.

The Sam & Max official website

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No-one like Sam & Max?

I played Season One on PC and loved it.
I love it :D

Got both series bought on pc so wont be going for this.
i hope it actually makes use of the Wii for legitimate reasons, if it does, it will be purchased!
I loved it as well. It reminded me when I used to play Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Broken Sword, and Toonstruck.

Sort of surprised Lucas Arts have pretty much stopped producing adventure games, buy I guess the demand for them is not that high.

Anyhow I think it will work well on the wii, as it’s a point and click game, which is ideal on the wii controller.
The adventure game seemed to have died a death which sucks because they are some of my favourite games. I keep checking out the monkey island sites hoping for news of a new game but little comes :( They have said another will be made at some point but its gonna be a few years at least.