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Sony drop the price of the PS3

by Steven Williamson on 22 September 2006, 09:23

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Sony have announced a drop in the retail price of the Playstation 3. Don't get too excited though, unless you're in Japan you won't be taking advantage of the 20% cut.

At the Tokyo Game Show, Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony Computer Entertainment, has revealed that the console will now go on sale for ¥49,980 (approximately £230).

"The Japanese users and media would not stop saying a price tag of over ¥60,000, including tax, was too expensive," he revealed.

Yoku Ihara, head of equity research at Retela Crea Securities in Tokyo, responded to the bizarre move by Sony by saying: "It's ridiculous to decide to cut the price before they start selling the PS3. They may cut the price again if sales don't go well."

Whether the rest of the world will hear news of a price cut is unknown. The PS3 will make its debut in Japan on November 11 and in the US on November 17. Nintendo's Wii console will go on sale on November 19 in the US and December 2 in Japan.

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Good result for the Japanese. Cant imagine that ever happening in Europe though :/
It's not going to. US and Europe prices remain high. But they are secondary markets of course.

Well, good to see ole rip off britain is still in effect. But seems that people don't mind in the slightest if they'll still buy them regardless.

Now, where was the british manufactured console again? ;)
Hmm, this makes the ‘entry level’ model much more appealing. I'd be hard pressed on choosing whether to import an Xbox360 / PS3 now.
IMO the HDMI was the only appealing feature of the higher level PS3, and it had the ugly silver decals to discount that.. I believe Sony mentioned the HDD would be user upgradable at some point, not sure if that still stands. Buy a wireless bridge for all the consoles next to your tv, forget the card reader, what's to miss :D.
I can only imagine the same happening in europe if sales were really bad.

Good news for the japanese though, but it looks like Sony are getting a bit nervous. Not so long ago they were saying it was already good value for money at the old price.