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E3 - 2006 : Preview :: Playstation 3 dated and priced

by Steven Williamson on 9 May 2006, 09:05

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Sony press conference

HEXUS.E3 In a follow up to the live news from Sony's pre- E3 press conference last night, we can confirm that two versions of the PS3 will be available on launch day. Consumers will have the choice of a $499 (499 Euros) version with a 20 gigabyte hard drive or a 60 gigabyte drive for $100 (100 Euros) more.

At the E3 press conference, despite the console retailing at $100 more than the Xbox 360, Harrison said "I think that price and value have always been two different things, The PlayStation 3 is now set free. We've kind of released it to the world and it's now clearly defined in the minds of the consumer."

Talking on the PS3 controller, you'll be glad to hear that the boomerang controller has been scrapped, in favour of a controller that looks like the old PS2 one. The controller was demonstrated on a flight game and has motion sensors to detect six degrees of movement. Sony also said that the wireless PS3 controller will allow gamers to control actions on the screen through their physical motions - one in the eye for Nintendo.

Sony took the opportunity to have a dig at Microsoft by saying. "We're not about cutting corners to rush a product to market," and we're certainly not interested in gimmicks, clever rhetoric or conventional thinking."

According to sources on the ground the audience weren't overly impressed at the numerous PS3 trailers that were on show, 'nothing blew us away' said one attendee.

The PS3 will be launched World-wide on November 17th.

We'll have a full transcriupt available soon, along with screenshots and pictures.


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499 Euros & 499 US$ - no doubt we will be paying more than the americans, again….
My guess would be the “budget” version would be around £300 - £350 and the full version around 400 - 450, just a guess really
350 and 425 seems about right, 350 is ‘only’ 50 quid more than the PS2 was, which flew off the shelves, but the blue ray player is a bit useless over a dvd player without the exspensive HDMI port, so its worth paying the 425… 425 is a bit steep tho
Haha, half a grand for a console. **** that.
I think there was a typo in the thread title. I think you meant “overpriced” not priced.