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500GB PS3 waiting in the E3 wings?

by Steven Williamson on 14 June 2010, 12:28

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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The latest rumour to be doing the rounds ahead of E3 is that Sony will announce two new PS3 SKUs, rumoured to be a 250GB and a 500GB revision of the console.

CVG claims to have the scoop, stating that the new SKUS will come bundled with the wand-like PlayStation Move accessory and feature a 802.11n wi-fi adapter enabling higher internet speeds for those with a compatible router.

The Sony press conference doesn't kick off until Tuesday so we won't know for definite until then, but it looks likely that Microsoft, whose press conference kicks off at 5pm GMT today, will also announce a new Xbox 360 SKU featuring built in wi-fi and a 250 GB hard drive.

We'll have all the news from E3 as we get it.

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Hardly used the 250gb I have ! stream everything from the PC.
Sounds a bit uninspiring really.

Changing the hard drive is unbelievably easy, the Move accessory will doubtlessly be available on its own, and is the n compatibility that spectacular when anyone who wants to game seriously will use ethernet?
I'd agree with the uninspiring but for different reasons;

I swapped my 60GB drive almost instantly for a 320GB one. I'm down to my last 80GB, but I've a lot of my DVD's ripped to it. Yes, I could stream them but why have two devices switched on when one will do?

Now the only thought for more hard drive space beyond 300GB is that they're going to really push the video rental thing; However the problem there is the file system itself. Ever noticed we can't rent 1080p stuff only 720p? I'm guessing becuase the file size would be greater than 4GB - limitations of the FAT32 filesystem. Be interesting to see some stats for the movie downloads, because of the few people I know that have bought, most of been dissapointed to discover that for a quid or two more, they can have the BD (with all the extra content and 1080p goodness) and have thus, vowed “never again”.