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PS3 Slim: "The rumours are reality."

by Steven Williamson on 18 August 2009, 11:16

Tags: Sony PlayStation 3 Slim (PS3), Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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The U.S-based chain of discount department stores, K-Mart, has jumped the gun a little it seems. Prior to Sony's press conference at Gamescon later today, where its rumoured that the developer will make a number of important announcements, including a new PS3 model, the retailer has launched a banner on its website stating: "The Rumors are Reallity. New low price and a new exciting PlayStation 3."

It seems like a lot of effort to go to if they haven't already been given the news from the Sony camp that indeed a PS3 Slim model will be announced later today, alongside a price cut to the existing PS3 models.

ASDA has already dropped the price of the 80GB PS3, suggesting that the U.K. retailer is hoping to clear out stock ready for the introduction of the PS3 Slim.

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“The rumours are reality.”

rumours can be true or false, not “reality”
I also heard the slim PS3 will be cheaper as well.

But this announcement Sony will make could also be about another hardware thingy.
rumours can be true or false, not “reality”

Reality is what is true/tangible, therefore a rumour (which is inherently unverified/false) can become a reality.

Yeah the grammar is otherwise poor, but that's Americans for you.

Looks damn ugly…
I don't think the lardyness of the PS3 is the thing that's costing Sony the console war..