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Amazon details PS3 Slim

by Steven Williamson on 3 August 2009, 15:27

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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The rumour that Sony plans to release a slimmer PS3 model just won't die down after online retailer Amazon listed the console on its website.

The listing follows news last week that orders for PS3 components have doubled in Taiwan (according to DigiTimes,) who reckon that orders in the last quarter equate to double the amount made in the previous three months.

As we reported earlier today, sales of the PS3 have been slow in the last quarter, suggesting that the influx of new orders could be because Sony is working on a new model. Or maybe it's simply because it's expecting a rush of customers this Christmas? A price cut, perhaps?

Check out the Amazon listing. It's a very suspicious error to make if it's not true.

Since we wrote this article, Amazon.de has pulled this listing.

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i posted a link to this earlier on the slim thread, it would of been nice if they had a proper pic of it too! But this does seem to confirm there is one of it's way….
Ok, some digging with the ASIN number reveals more than just the google cache version of the page…

The product photos page (with user uploaded images) is also cached, but more importantly, that page has a price on it.

449,00 EUR

That's around Ā£380…