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SCEE joins up with SOE for PS3 MMOs

by Steven Williamson on 22 August 2008, 09:09

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has teamed up with Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) in a move that will see three massively multiplayer online games developed for Playstation 3.
The games included in the agreement that have been confirmed for release in PAL terrotories are The Agency, a fast-paced, action shooter set in an present day online persistent world; DC Universe Online, an action-focused super-hero game in a fully realised DC Universe Online; and Free Realms (PS3), a vibrant new world for younger players with a mix of reality and fantasy.

This is an opportunity for SCEE and SOE to bring the best online experiences from PC gaming to the PLAYSTATION 3 universe, the result of which will certainly benefit PlayStation fans,” enthused David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment at the Games Convention yesterday.

Here’s a look at the three forthcoming titles. From the press release:

DC Universe Online (PS3 and PC):
Explore one of the greatest fictional universes in history: the world of DC comics. Create your own hero or villain and run loose across famous DC locations such as Gotham City or Metropolis, alongside legendary characters of good and evil including Superman, Batman, Huntress, Joker, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow in scenarios written by DC writers and in an art style overseen by renowned DC artist Jim Lee.

The Agency (PS3 and PC):

Get your target in your sights with this dark, gritty, online action PS3 shooter, a persistent world of spies, mercenaries and double dealing for aspiring agents everywhere. As you rise through the ranks as a spy through the various missions and in-depth story mode, you can build your own spy faction, recruiting new members to your cause.

FreeRealms (PS3):
An all new social networking service and massively multiplayer online role-playing game in one, FreeRealms gives players freedom across a world where exploration and spell casting is as much a part of life as decorating your house or growing a vegetable garden. You chose how you live your life in FreeRealms from day to day – be a wizard one day, play with your virtual pets the next.

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