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Information leaked on PS3 trophy achievements

by Steven Williamson on 25 June 2008, 11:07

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You know the new achievement system that Sony has been touting recently for PS3? Well, so far Sony has given us few details to get excited about. All we do know is that it will launch with the next Playstation 3 firmware update v2.4.

However, an anonymous tipster has sent in the following screenshots to PS3 FanBoysaid to be taken from the new look trophy screen. If indeed this isn't a fake, what we can see is a PS3 gamercard and what looks a tiered trophy system.

A second anonymous tipster, said to be a game developer, sent in the bottom screenshot.

According to PS3 fanboy's source:

These pages are called "gamer card" and "compare," though these are not the official titles. As you can see below, your gamer card/box/profile (whatever you want to call it) will feature a trophy total and a "level." There also seems to be some room for extra information of some kind.

Furthermore, he goes on to tell us how he thinks the tiered system will work.

Each trophy type will be worth a different number of points, so there are limits to how many of each trophy are in a single game. In order to progress through levels you will need to gain a certain number of trophy points. This number will increase with each level, making it more difficult to reach higher levels.

Better than Xbox 360 achievements? We'll have to wait and see.

Source :: PS3 FanBoy

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