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Sony offer PS3 pick 'n mix bundle

by Steven Williamson on 14 January 2008, 10:18

Tags: PlayStation 3, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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Offering first-party titles

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that a new Playstation bundle, which they've called the ‘Pick N Mix’ , will be available in stores from January 18th.

The deal isn't dissimilar to dozens of other offers that were given over the Christmas period, but this one sees the 40GB Playstation 3 being bundle with two first-party titles for £349.99, which includes the choice from such games as L.A.I.R, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Warhawk, Singstar an Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction.

We've had a quick scout about online and it appears that this new bundle isn't actually as great as it initially sounds. Head over to Gamestation and you can get a similar deal (although you're still restricted to certain titles) for £329.99, or pick up an Amazon deal for £311.95

Nevertheless, if you're looking to pick up two of the first party titles, it appears that the pick 'n mix deal is the best offer on the plate at the moment.

If you know of a better deal, let us know in the gaming forums.

Source :: MCV UK

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Its getting more and more tempting but i think i'll hold out for the inevitable GT or MGS bundle.